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A Fellow Guardsman Needs Your Assistance

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A Fellow Guardsman Needs Your Assistance

Post by Bumpsy on Mon 10 May 2010, 21:45

A Fellow Guardsman Needs Your Assistance
My name is Ex: Guardsman, David (Dave) Daunter, being a past member of the 1st Battalion Canadian Guards. I am presently assisting another 1st Battalion Canadian Guards, member that was released, as medically unfit for duty, the medical condition being, Type 1 Diabetes mellitus.

Through this letter, I am requesting pertinent Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) confidential information from any former members of the Canadian Guards, or the Canadian Regular/Active Force service that were honourably released from the military, and eventually received a favourable disability pension or monetary lump-sum, compensation from VAC; for Type 1 or 2 Diabetes.

As you are more than likely aware, when a military Veteran applies for a disability compensation after release; VAC protocol requires that the Veteran must prove that the injury or disease at the time of release, either arose out of, or was directly connected with your Regular Force service. As you must be very well aware, it is extremely difficult or at times impossible for a released Veteran or the Bureau of Pensions Advocates (BPA) to substantiate that the Veterans disease at time of release arose out of, or was directly connected with your Regular Force service.

On the other hand, if the BPA advocate can introduce supporting or precedent related evidence pertaining to another Veteran who received a similar favourable, VAC disability pension or monetary compensation for the same disease; this type of evidence is called case-law or a precedent, being law based on judicial decisions rather than legislative action.

In order for the BPA advocate to argue the case at a Veterans Review and Appeal Board (VRAB) tribunal, we need released Veterans name(s) and VAC file number(s), to use as supporting evidence at the future VRAB tribunal. Without supporting evidence, our comrade will more than likely received an unfavourable decision from the members of VRAB.

The confidential VAC information I am requesting through this letter will be handed over to a BPA District Advocate. If the Veteran(s) feels uncomfortable with these disclosure arrangements, the Veteran(s) can personally contact the BPA advocate directly, whenever is best suited for them. I feel very confident, we can win this disability case, if we can get just one Veteran who was released from the military and received a favourable decision from VAC with either Type 1 or 2 Diabetes.

This particular Canadian Guardsman who many of you know, needs your assistance; thanking you ahead of time for your moral assistance in this VAC legal matter. I can assure you if the Guardsman receives a favourable decision from VRAB, we will immediately advise you through this site. I would like to say a special thank you to Nick Puddicome and Jas Haley for their assistance and gifted advice, in regards to this VAC pension decision request.


Sincerely yours,

Mr. David (Dave) Daunter
565 Cordova Road
RR 1
Marmora, Ontario
K0K 2M0
Telephone number: 613-472-3271
E-mail address:
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