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Where to go for medical assistance?

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Re: Where to go for medical assistance?

Post by birdgunner on Wed 27 Oct 2010, 10:18

"Another story from the Ass Backwards Department" called VAC.

So I completed my recent two year PME at the VAC offices here in Winnipeg and just like in the past I still have some issues with how the system is set-up and who benefits.

Some of my fellow VV'ers are aware of the lack of quality-of-care in relationship to finding a qualified, competent physician to take over my medical needs/concerns and to provide the care required to progress to the next step of treatment.

So, why is it after spending four hours with VAC Dr. A Bertsch (S.D.M.O), who spent two hours discussing medical files, one hour physical and one hour on discussions no medical assistance is offered?

According to the doctor, they do not have the authority to intervene on their clients behalf whether it be for referrals, specialists, rehabilitation, treatment, prescriptions or any other form of medical intervention that would improve the care/treatment of the clients injuries/pensioned condition without being reprimanded.

One discussion was on the medications I am currently taking and with the actual bottles of meds sitting in front of the doctor. After taking in my info on all medications consumed the doctor had a disbelief expression on her face and with the question "Am I on the correct prescriptions for my conditions?" offered by client. Unfortunately with the way VAC operates that question cannot be answered without consequences.

So with a clients overall health at risk VAC standard operating procedures squash any chance of providing medical intervention from the VAC doctors. "Ass Backwards?".

As I sit here suffering in constant pain and finding out I have to wait another twelve months to get in for surgery for my injuries/condition the questions presented are a direct reflection of all things wrong and how to do things "Ass Backwards?":

What about the clients quality-of-life?
What about the clients quality of service?
Did Doctors not sign an oath to provide quality, high standards of medical service to improve a patient/clients overall health?
If VAC states they will work hand-in-hand with medical professional, yet they cannot offer the same out of thier own offices?
Why is it client has documentation dating back to 2002 stating "surgery required to progress", yet it was never acknowledged by VAC?
Why is it VAC doesn't get?
Why is the Doctor couldn't even offer one shred of medical advice to proceed further without the dcotor being reprimanded?
Why is this not being addressed?
Who can help this client get better medical care if VAC cannot even provide basic medical care whether directly or indirectly?
Why isn't VAC listening?
How can a medical professional live with themselves knowing full well that clients are suffering from pain/current injuries/lack-of-care and still bank that cheque from VAC?

The VAC doctor was "extremely" worried about my drop of weight from 183 pounds on release to my current weight of 148 pounds yet even with a "look of concern" on her face no medical intervention took place.

I am, once again, in a state of "wtf". How simple would it be for VAC to change the rules to adapt to each situation and intervene on the clients behalf to provide health-related services?

With the way the system is set-up just adds to the frustration that all Veterans are experiencing during these on-going battles with VAC and the beauracrates in regards to receiving the quality-of-care required.

more to follow.

Another story from the "Ass Backwards Department" called VAC. Stay tuned for chapter two coming to VV.

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Re: Where to go for medical assistance?

Post by BinRat on Thu 29 Jul 2010, 10:23

Hey Birdgunner,

Sorry I can't answer your Question, cause like yourself, I went through the same thing with my so called family Dr. Actually I think my heath is more at risk with him being my Dr, so I sore I was never going back to see him again, And like your self have had numerous Spats with VAC about Dr's as to why don't they have arrangements with a area physician who they can like Us having problems or concerns and need someone else to see, then get referred to this Doctor who they have on Consultation Stand by.

At the same time, I am In London Ontario where Parkwood Hospital is, A Veterans Hospital, I said to VAC Look ya have a hospital right there, full of Doctor's Nurses, X-ray's why don't you have something setup there so we can get in to see a Doctor who is familiar with Military type injuries conditions. but nope.

You also mentioned walk in clinic's, heh, funny thing though you go into the walk-in clinic and get seen by a Doctor there, they do whatever they need to do at that time, then as your leaving tell you to follow up with yup, your family Doctor, the one your trying to get away from.

So I dunno, but just know that you are not the only one who is having problems seeking a Doctor for Physical Ailments and Spats with VAC about this Subject, and Yes I have mentioned this as well to the OVO officer who called me back the one day.

Anyhow, do take care, it is a struggle a major struggle really, but hopefully things will change...

Take Care..

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Where to go for medical assistance?

Post by birdgunner on Wed 28 Jul 2010, 08:55

Hope to find everyone in good spirits considering all the BS surrounding us, the clients of VAC.

I approached the Winnipeg VAC offices 3 years ago after release requesting help with getting medical professionals to assist in the ongoing "pensioned condition", which is physical in nature.

So I requested through VAC a doctor that can provide long-term care and an actual level/quality of service that benefits the client. The reply from VAC....CLIENTS responsibility. So according to the client/vac contract, I had to find a doctor. No Winnipeg doctors were accepting new patients....really!!! So where to turn.

Walk-in clinics were used for two years and the level of service was below standard. Pretty much walk in get drugs for pain get out. Finally in Feb 2010 I was accepted as a patient with a new doctor in my area.

March 3- initial visit with new doctor, all I got was 5 minutes of doctors time. laid-out all medical info(10 years of info, hundreds of documents), requested refill of all medications and to see a surgeon. The doctor referred two specialists and sent me home without medications as being a new doctor and on a probation period precriptions were not offered.

March 10- went to the emergency room today to get meds and explained that my new doctor was unable to provide the right meds for me. After 15 minutes of showing all med info to a doctor sent home with a 3 day supply of Tylenol number 3...ten pills,gee thanks!!

March to April- continued to request help as the pensioned condition was getting even worse. Had to get relatives to get my meds for me, thanks to my Grandma for having a bad hip and the right meds!!

May 5- saw a specialist
May 12- saw a different specialist
May 13 - requested VAC get med reports from specialists ASAP...this is beneficial in progressing forward.

June 1- contacted by my CM to get an update...told vac that the level/quality of service is atrocious and these waiting games and lack of med treatment, prescriptions and understanding is getting to the point of absurd. Still no word on these medical reports from the specialists.

July 27- contacted by my CM to get an update.... I asked where the 2 reports were...NO ANSWERS. told CM that I have exhausted all of my means to get the quality of service for medical treatment for pensioned condition. REQUESTED a DOCTOR that has the TIME and UNDERSTANDING to deal with CLIENTS of VAC and the GAME at which they play with regard to VAC REQUESTS and VAC SOP's. I stated to my CM, "I am tired of BEGGING for help?" when is something going to be done or offered?

I was told by my CM that VAC doesn't provide medical doctors. I can see this isn't going to get anywhere. I stated to my CM..."one simple request get me a doctor"....she snapped and stated "VAC doesn't make doctors".

I said to her....VAC websites state, "medical professionals will work with you to get the quaility of service you as a VAC client....", you get the picture all smoke and mirrors.

Instead of getting into more shit with VAC,, I said "allright, thank you" and hung up the phone.....which I am glad I did because I should have ripped my CM a new one.

so that is where this client sits today. No answers, no doctor, no prescriptions, no treatment and no one banging down my door to give me the relief from the lack of mobility and the increase of pain levels.

Questions directed to my CM over the course of this ongoing battle on which the playing field is tilted in a negative fashion have either been ignored, fade into oblivion or the generic VAC answer is given.

So can anyone out there point me in the right direction for help?....thanks in advance.

OVO will be contacted today after I draft up my list of questions and submission of complaints.


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Re: Where to go for medical assistance?

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