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Retro active elb payments

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Re: Retro active elb payments

Post by Will's Ridge on Thu 10 Jan 2013, 15:13

Oldleftwinger, it is only going forward as stated in the press release by Peter McKay last summer. All the best

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Retro active elb payments

Post by oldleftwinger on Thu 10 Jan 2013, 11:25

I have a question. I went back to school and on elb after 8 years. I have been going to school for 3 years now.
Recently received an increase of 500 gross per month because of clawback issue.

My question: Is the clawback retroactive going back 3 years or just going forward. It would be nice to get a little extra. I have a call out to Kristine at Mcinnins Cooper but the return list is long

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