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Quilts of Valour

Post by DeeCee on Fri 18 Jan 2013, 17:43

Good Friday afternoon all. I should get a kick in the hind end for not having mentioned this earlier. For anyone interested, Quilts of Valour produce very beautiful handmade quilts for all Medically injured and released CF personnel who were injured or suffered injuries on a NATO or UN mission. Google the name and you will see that they have a web site based out of Edmonton, AB. There are in-fact representatives across Canada in most provinces. The main point of contact in Ontario lives one street over from my wife and I and let me tell you, the quilt I was presented with, is the nicest Quilt I have ever seen. The lady that organizes the eastern region is Mrs Mary Ewing, her contact and E-mail information is on the Web Site. There is a group of 25-30 ladies in the Ontario region that make these quilts and gather a few times a year and all work on them together. The average time it takes to make one quilt is 100-150 hours. Did I say they are very nice. These are free to those that qualify. There is no need to have your name published if you so wish. P.S. If you PM me, I will try to send you photos of these quilts.
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