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Worse Advice Received and the Best Advice Received:

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Worse Advice Received and the Best Advice Received:

Post by jaxk on Sun 24 Feb 2013, 18:14

Worse Advice Received: I hobbled in to my local Legion and seen the Military Advisor that came by once every 3 months.
The WO (Air Force) looked at me and seen that I was young, 33 years old at the time, and informed me to never get reevaluated - if they deem you 100% healthy you will loose your VAC Pension.
I was devastated - I never want back to the Legion again - I am turning 50 this year.
My local Legion is just 2 blocks away from where I live.

Best Advise I received: I called VAC because I was having some issue.
I discovered that I could of received payment for all the time I was off work for the surgeries that I had - 3 reconstruction surgeries and numerous physiotherapy - time has past so I received nothing.
The person said I should go and get reevaluated. Your condition is not going to get any better; if anything it is going to get worse - which it is.

So here is how I handle the VAC Reassessment; VAC would like to see you every 3 years for Reassessment.
I do not do this. The only time I go and see the VAC for Reassessments is when I see a Civilian Surgeon for my condition.
Once I seen the Surgeon and we agree on what we are doing I book an appointment with the VAC Doctor.
Do not get me wrong, I go and see my Family Doctor once month because of the new Narcotic Rules in Ontario.

I hope this helps at lest one of us.

Any time you see a Surgeon for your condition you should book an appointment with your VAC Doctor in your Region to be reassessed.
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