Permanent Impairment Allowance

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Re: Permanent Impairment Allowance

Post by puddleduk2 on Thu 28 Feb 2013, 06:50

all most forgot,

oldsailor, having lived north of the Comox Valley, the vac office in Victoria would be your closest office,

start again with calling the 1-866 number to ask for assistance, hopefully you will get someone that will point you in the right direction, in the last couple of months there are more and more of the call attendants that do not know what is available with VAC as a total, so if you dont sound like you know what you are seeking they will play dumb,

secondly, call OSSIS as their are peer support people in your area that can make the contacts within the Victoria VAC office to start you off as you are not currently case managed,

It is found they are trying to get as many of us off of case management to get rid of the case managers totally, and only rely on the phone system for help,

the local office here, which is more than 12 hours away, is closing next year, with no plan given for what is to happen to those vets currently (loosely) supported by that office.

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Re: Permanent Impairment Allowance

Post by Guest on Thu 28 Feb 2013, 07:11

puddle keep calling never give up.these people hate giving up these pention applications.may i sudjest finding vets in your local area and getting them to apply if they qualify.flood your CMs office with requests for the application and then when a bunch of complaints to as many peeps as possible by as many as possible about that CM over the same issue.the local leigion is normally useless but a good place to find peeps in your shoes that may join you in this fight.ya see i have found that getting the application is not so much a fight with DVA as it is with your CM.

never give up.

i think i started this in may and hounded the constantly and got more peeps as i went allong to do the same.
it took me till december just to get the application.interview in january with my new CM who is a verry wondefull person.
now i have two dicisions and waiting for a third.

the world can turn buds just never give up.

this is really peeing me off to no end now ive hered way to many stories of peeps not even being allowed to apply when the rules say they can.




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