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Re: The Center

Post by PipperNavy on Fri 02 Nov 2012, 11:28

The Center helped my Family and My poor Dear Wife Carol.. In lahr in early July 1990 a great occation (Baby Son ) being born, turned bad and we still are living with the sad events of the terrible day. And the very Poor action of the Base Hosital and staff. We should never worrie when we go into the Base Hosital for Aid and coming out with Blood -Born disease that could of been prevented .. The Lab tech's and Doctors .. should of done there job's .. Even weeks after birth and doctors taking blood tests , why simpley did we not get any test results for 9 YEARS !!!! Bottom line my wife was infected with Hep-c and she never got the proper attention when it was needed.. The Center did jump on this and were the Best .. Thank you so much to the Center .. Life is still never the same for my wife ..what money we did recieve it gone .. lol Lawyers took most of it ... still wonder if we / I could of done more Byron Howe CD
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The Center

Post by RealVET on Thu 07 Oct 2010, 23:46

Firstly I want to thank you for this forum and I am glad to see a chat as well so us vets can chat with each other. Any way I want to give a Bravo Zulu to The Center in Ottawa .In my dealing with them they have been very helpful especially the Casualty support. I am wondering has anyone else dealt with them..hopefully in a good way.. thx in advance..

Gary Grigg CD

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