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Possible Halifax meet and greet

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Possible Halifax meet and greet

Post by bigrex on Fri 28 Jun 2013, 00:40

My CM was worried that I have fallen into a funk over the last year, so she set up weekly visits from an OT. The OT is trying to bring back some sort of normalcy to my life, a structured day, just so I don't sleep or surf (as in the web) my life away. One of the things she suggested is being socialized again, since being released and unable to work, I have pretty much segregated myself from all my old friends and colleagues. I told he of my time on here, and she suggested trying to meet with some of the other members for coffee, and maybe try to set up a weekly or bi-weekly get together.

I know many did this in Halifax in Feb after the court hearing, but after sitting in those chairs all day, it took all I could give to get home and lie down. So if anyone in the Halifax area is interested, let me know and we can set up a time and place agreeable to all. Even Dennis is invited, if he reads this, we will simply exclude SISIP from the conversation.
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Re: Possible Halifax meet and greet

Post by RobbieRoyal on Fri 28 Jun 2013, 08:21

Damn I'd love that big Rex but it is a ton of mileage for me as well, hope you get some bites I believe we have all become good friends the way it is suppose to be.
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