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Canada’s Recognized Obligation to Veterans

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Recognized Obligation?

Post by coldwarvet on Wed 16 Oct 2013, 21:19

Why then am I reduced to making threatening emails to Politicians in an effort to bring some attention to my problem with the VA ?

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Re: Canada’s Recognized Obligation to Veterans

Post by Jeffery M on Fri 09 Aug 2013, 10:22

What is our Prime Minister doing with information such as this? Has he taken the time to read and understand what our ombudsman has been saying? Does he care? Perhaps he has read a printed copy of what our ombudsman has written; only to then wipe his **s with it.

I can clearly see that our government needs what the Sisip lawsuit did. "Legal clarification". Don't worry Stephen, it's coming..

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Canada’s Recognized Obligation to Veterans

Post by Teentitan on Thu 08 Aug 2013, 10:58

Ottawa – August 6, 2013

Thank you for your messages of support for what I wrote in my July 29th blog on the Government of Canada’s recognized obligation to Veterans.

If you have not had time to read the Globe and Mail’s July 31st editorial, Veterans are not just regular retirees, and the Ottawa Citizen’s August 1st editorial, Duty to Veterans about our government’s obligation to Veterans, please take time do so. They sum up well what generations of Canadians have believed to be theirs and their government’s obligation to those who willingly risk injury, illness or death to serve Canada and protect the values and the way of life that we enjoy in this great country.

This obligation, on the part of the Government of Canada to its Veterans, is stated clearly in such legislation as the Pension Act, the Veterans Review and Appeal Board Act, and the War Veterans Allowance Act, for example. Each states that the acts shall be liberally construed and interpreted to the end that the recognized obligation of the people and Government of Canada to those who have served their country so well and to their dependants may be fulfilled.

This is as it should be because we ask of everyone who puts on the uniform in defence of our country to be ready to pay the ultimate sacrifice. In recognition of that bond, they write a blank cheque to the people of Canada up to and including their lives.

It is this act of joining the Canadian Forces voluntarily and willingly accepting the unconditional obligation to follow orders—whatever the danger and risk of harm or death—that distinguishes those who serve in the military and police from other Canadian professions. In return for their selfless dedication to serve Canada, the Government of Canada has a recognized obligation to ensure that if they are injured or become ill and can no longer continue in uniform that it will help them rebuild their lives and restore, to the greatest extent possible, their health, financial independence, and quality of personal and family life.

This reciprocal obligation is necessary for a country to effectively defend itself and protect its interests, encourage recruitment and retention in its armed forces and maintain a high morale throughout the organization. The members of its armed forces must believe that its citizens and its government support their efforts, and recognize the risks that they willingly accept to defend the ideals and values that we so often take for granted. This has always been the Canadian way, and we can be very proud of it.

For generations, this obligation has been a central part of the national fabric of our country, and past Veterans’ legislation recognized and affirmed it. Our Veterans deserve no less.

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Re: Canada’s Recognized Obligation to Veterans

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