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Re: To The ARMY

Post by RCN-Retired on Mon 02 Dec 2013, 03:21

So true words Robbie.
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Post by Guest on Fri 29 Nov 2013, 13:09

To the Commander of the Canadian Army Lt.-Gen. Marquis Hainse may I Robbie Robinson Sergeant Retired enlighten you and your office or for better words your elusive gentlemen’s club in Ottawa why you are shocked and appalled about the recent suicides of our soldiers.

Firstly and most importantly the CF will never take the recommendations of the civilian social and mental health officials it hires for the simple fact the CF wants those with mental health issues to be vetted through the system your very own office provides and implements. The CF has to be Judge, Jury and Executioner and I know this for the fact that when my hired civilian doctor made a recommendation he was told to assess and leave the decision making to The National Defense Act and the CF personnel at DMEDPAL and DMEDCARM.

Next and just as important as the first, your office has no eyes has no ears and has no voice because you fail to see the obvious and that is the most frightening consequence from the whole sinking ship theory. You have no idea how many of the current serving regular or reserve forces suffer from a mental health issue because the hired professionals will give you better numbers than your own unwarranted statistics. You fire questionaries’ and hand out pamphlets directing soldiers where to turn to but you give no reassurances that when they come forward you will help. Your office that supports in theory that there maybe an issue with ongoing OSI’s has yet to deliver any accountability to the soldiers let alone the civilian population. The offices you provide to accommodate those that volunteer to come forward and seek treatment are the same offices that many soldiers detest and do not respect because they are filled with fellow soldiers who know as soon as your foot comes through the door why your sick ass is there. You can’t treat a soldier by exposing him or her to a series of stressors far greater than the illness itself. Fact was Sir, I volunteered to go forward and get help and by the end of the administrative stage I was already out the door without being treated or diagnosed period, over 6 months of reliving and retelling my situation turned a fine soldier into a (sic) and there is where I lost the fight, I gave up and stopped soldiering. The reporting and evaluation process environment is just way to polluted for most soldiers and they are the ones that handle the situation with extreme methods.

Lastly and the less serious of the first two in your (opinion not mine) is how amazingly easy it is to hand over some cash (love the (sic) New Veterans Charter) and a bucket of pills, strip the dignity of a veteran soldier and push them out the door and instruct other agencies through insurance policies (SISIP) and Veterans Affairs Canada to take over and find peace in life. I know this for a fact as well because your office of fine gentlemen allowed a system you created to feed me full of hourly medicinal cocktails filled full of wonderment narcotics that even drug lords would covet and insisted that I rest peacefully at home for over 5 months to self medicate and wait for the other “people” to contact me. I am astonished as well Army Lt.-Gen. Marquis Hainse even after 10 years as a highly qualified Sr. NCO still waiting to see why only 50 wonderful and amazing heroes of this Country have you confused because in order to be less confused you have to get dirty and realize the potential for more outweigh your ignorant system.

PS. If you want to make a difference then embrace all soldiers past and present as dearly as you embrace you office you may find that the soldiers and veterans will embrace you back, after all what do you do all day?

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