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DND/VAC merger REAL or FICTION! The untold story!

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Re: DND/VAC merger REAL or FICTION! The untold story!

Post by Teentitan on Mon 07 Apr 2014, 11:39

Nav in my honest opinion VAC and the DND will never merge. Name one country that has merged their two departments?

For example how and who controls each element? Would the hard-core army guy be able to handle sick and wounded former soldiers to walk around his base? How do you have transparency in funding.

The idea of merging both are pipe dreams of two former officers...Hawn and Dellaire. And a nightmare for the rest of us.
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DND/VAC merger REAL or FICTION! The untold story!

Post by Ex Member on Mon 07 Apr 2014, 09:07

Teen, back from legion and the Rumours are swirling! Is this talk of merging DND and VAC true. With this Harper regime cost cutting is the norm so from that angle it seems true but a number of conservative mps are starting to say the same. Really what I am asking is from your time on the hill is there any truth to this! What impact on the VAC clients? Will Charollttetown head office close? Layoffs ? massive layoffs and how much money saved

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