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MVA Tweets and Abuses Parliamentary Committee Testimony for Political Gain

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MVA Tweets and Abuses Parliamentary Committee Testimony for Political Gain

Post by Anneteak on Wed 09 Apr 2014, 17:23

The following has been posted on my Facebook page on April 8, 2014.

I have just e-mailed the following to Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Please feel free to share and forward to your Conservative MP.

My thanks to David MacLeod and Pat Strogan for the quotes.

April 8, 2014

Mr. Harper

Today, a veteran, David T. MacLeod, posted an Open Letter to Mr. Fantino on Veteran Watch ( In his letter, Mr. MacLeod chastizes Mr. Fantino and requests that he do the honourable thing and resign for abusing “parliamentary committee testimony for political gain.”

In a post on Facebook, retired veteran and former Veteran’s Ombudsman, Col Pat Strogan noted:

What kind of a government creates a list of enemies comprised of it's very citizenry and then declares collusion and the existence of a "War Fund" amongst their detractors. Mr Fantino, do you have any idea what war is? Clearly not, so it would behoove you to listen to some of your Veterans who do rather than talk at them! …

As I have noted once before, I have heard that Mr. Fantino has referred to himself in the past as a veteran; he is not a veteran; and all I can say about that is if Mr. Fantino had been a soldier and had been as effective as a soldier as he seems to be as a Minister of Veterans Affairs, his fellow soldiers would have referred to him as a “waste of rations.” It is unfortunate, that veterans have to rely on him for anything let alone assistance.

Mr. MacLeod is so correct in his actions to call Mr. Fantino on his behaviour and ask him to resign as to be “politically correct.” The term Minister comes from the Latin word for servant; therefore, one would assume that a Minister of Veterans Affairs would actually serve the veterans he is Minister to and this is far from the truth.

I was witness to the questions posed by Mr. Parm Gill during the meeting of the Parliamentary Committee on Veterans Affairs on March 27, 2014. I personally felt that Mr. Gill’s questions were disengenuous at best and smarmy at their worst; in addition, it didn’t appear that they were even his own questions, as he was repeatedly handed slips of paper. I watched the faces of the Conservative members of the Committee while Mr. Gill questioned and disrespected the veterans from the Canadian Veterans Advocacy, and I had the distinct impression that they too were uncomfortable as I was. Thankfully, Liberal MP Frank Valeriote objected to Mr. Gill’s questions and the chair put a halt to them. When later asked about his line of questioning by a reporter, Mr. Gill said in an e-mail: “It’s an honour to have veterans appear before the House veterans affairs committee as we review the New Veterans Charter. When veterans appear before the Committee, it is a common courtesy to hear about when and where they served, and often to thank them for this service”; this self-serving explanation was just as disengenuous as his question to the veterans and he never did thank them for their service to Canada. ( I have no doubt in my mind that Mr. Gill was on a mission to find mud; it is apparent Mr. Fantino thought he found some and attempted to throw it via the ‘tweet’ Mr. MacLeod refers to in his letter. Apparently, Mr. Fantino has yet to learn that when you attempt to throw mud at someone else, some of it sticks to you.

For those Conservative Members of Parliament who will be reading a copy of this e-mail forwarded to them by a constituent, please be aware, in the next election, you will be judged by the company you keep. I am sure many of you are dismayed by the Minister’s statements and actions; you may want to disassociate from him sooner rather than later.

On a personal note, Mr. Harper, my husband Eric, a 29+ year military veteran, has now waited seven (7) months for a response from your Mr. Fantino to a message he sent him on September 8, 2013. And almost a month ago, your office contacted Eric’s VAC Case Manager and had him contact me to advise me that Eric would be receiving his previously recinded VIP Allowance for respite care effective March 3, 2013. To date we have not received written confirmation of the ‘error’ or ‘missing information’ in the letter my husband received from the 2nd Level Appeals Unit in February, and to which your office referred. May I ask when Eric can expect to receive written confirmation of this decision?

I do not believe Mr. Fantino is ‘Ministering’ to retired PO1 Eric Magill anymore than he’s ministering to the many other veterans I hear from daily. Mr. Harper please advise your Minister of Veterans Affairs that he has and continues to fail to “Minister” to the very people he has been mandated to Serve, the veterans who have Served Canada.


Linda Magill

Veteran, Veteran’s Wife, and Veteran’s Advocate

Trenton, ON

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