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LTD claim reviews for continued benefit

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Re: LTD claim reviews for continued benefit

Post by Guest on Sun 15 Mar 2015, 07:19

Mending bond with veterans tough if Tories can’t ensure ex-soldiers don’t have repeatedly to prove injuries

Last week, the department announced it had established a task force to comb through forms it uses to communicate with ex-soldiers to ensure every bit of the paper trail is necessary. The task force will also evaluate whether renewals are appropriate for all veterans, particularly those with obvious permanent disabilities.

It also previously announced renewals under its assisted living plan, known as the veterans independence program, would go from one year to three years.
But advocates and opposition critics say the minister’s assurances are negated by the fact the problem lies not with Veterans Affairs, but with the long-term disability plan at National Defence — beyond O’Toole’s jurisdiction.

It is the Canadian Forces service income security insurance plan, or SISIP — a long-term disability plan that requires medically released soldiers to submit to a medical review to determine whether they are eligible for continued benefits, even in cases where the soldier has been deemed “totally disabled.”

That program is delivered through the insurance company Manulife, and removing the requirement won’t be easy.

The online policy guide tells wounded soldiers that during the two years following their release, they are subject to medical reviews at “12 and 18 months to determine your eligibility for continued benefits” and that support may continue as long as they qualify as “totally disabled.”

The legislation appears to leave follow-on reviews to the discretion of the policyholder, which in this case is the chief of the defence staff. Veterans advocate Sean Bruyea says that suggests the fix ought not to be difficult.

O’Toole has asked for a meeting with the head of the Manulife program, said one government source who was not authorized to discuss the matter publicly and so spoke on condition of anonymity.


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Re: LTD claim reviews for continued benefit

Post by Teentitan on Fri 13 Mar 2015, 15:02

Totally agree Donnie and it looks like the Minister of Veterans Affairs is going to have a chat with Manulife/SISIP and the Minister of National Defence about this annual paperwork.

O'Toole is moving to heavily reduce paperwork for the vets.
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LTD claim reviews for continued benefit

Post by DonnieD on Fri 13 Mar 2015, 14:55

Hello, I have been on sisip LTD for about 8 years now and every year my doctor and myself have to submit the same annoying forms for review of continued benefits. I haven't got better and my PTSD is almost the same since my release. Just wondering if we will have to fill out these forms forever. They are very tiring and just ridiculous now as it's always very similarly filled out by myself and my doctor. I was already approved for Total and permanent incapacity and have the supplement and was under the impression that this might change. But apparently not. Thanks

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Re: LTD claim reviews for continued benefit

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