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Reconsideration Letter Question

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Re: Reconsideration Letter Question

Post by Teentitan on Sat 11 Apr 2015, 12:12

Submit the new medical evidence. If VRAB wants an assessment of your new medical info then they will send you to a VAC doctor.

Appointments with VAC doctors are for the CM's and VRAB. Not to assess new/re-evaluation of injuries for the client to submit.
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Reconsideration Letter Question

Post by Dannypaj on Sat 11 Apr 2015, 12:07

VRAB will be receiving my file in the near future (five months time frame) for reconsideration.  I submitted new evidence in order to have my case looked at again.

The advocate reviewed my file and entered the new evidence and will forward it for reconsideration.   

I have the opportunity to review the information pertaining to my file prior to it being submitted. 


1.  I have an updated medical report with a current CT scan of my medical condition attributed to service and should this be added to the file for review?

2.  Or should I have a VAC reassessment of my condition.   Not sure what to do; and I do not want  to lose my opportunity to be fairly assessed by the VRAB folks.
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