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My EX and VAC

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My EX and VAC

Post by redfisher on Tue 26 May 2015, 20:13

She is driving me $&/:!!! Insane. My Ex is driving me insane and this is why.

Since the VAC Pension Benefits are considered income (in select provinces only) then Child Support is to include the VAC pension and calculated accordingly. (With, of course, a thirty percent markup). I accept this and my kids are benefitting from it. So all is good.


My EX is legally entitled to a portion of my Wife's additional pension for spouse because I receive it. My EX, who refuses to pay child support for our oldest son, is also entitled to a portion of my oldest sons additional pension for child. Why? Because I get it sent to me directly from VAC. All VAC Pension benefits are considered income for calculation of Child support.

So, here it is in English. My EX gets about 34% of my net income for Child Support. She refuses to provide for our oldest but insists I give her a portion of his VAC money because it is considered income and therefor legally it's hers.

Well, that entitlement of hers is over as my son quit school. Yet she still says I am in arrears.

On another note, I have hired lawyers every year since 2009 to prove to her my income. Every year she does not believe them and last year we went to court and finalized our differences. So this year I gave her my income statements and she does not believe me again. Frrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaccccckkkkk!!

In court she stated she never has enough money for get kids. Yet she went out and bought a house, new furniture, and is now selling it at a profit because she is posted. She refuses to share access costs to see the kids, she is just plain EVIL.

The moral of the story is, a narcissist will do anything and I mean anything to get what they feel entitled to regardless of the consequences to others. What kills me inside is that she totally disowns our son because he has a backbone and will not bow to her demands.

GRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. OK, my rant is over.
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