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Letter of support written to Minister Blackburn re: The Dornans

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Letter of support written to Minister Blackburn re: The Dornans

Post by MSDwyer on Wed 02 Mar 2011, 20:36

Minister Blackburn;

Thank you for taking the time to read this message to you concerning Mr. Steven Dornan, and his wife, Rosanne, whom I understand is about to stage a sit in at her local MP's office.

You know sir; it is with great sadness that I continue to read stories concerning these types of situations - and it is even with more concern that it appears that media coverage is forcing your department to make corrections and amendments for specific individuals, rather than as a collective. Because of your departments apparent ability to change decisions on a case by case basis - then it should not be of great difficulty for you to do the same for Mr. Dornan.

Why is it that your department has this ability - obviously from an outsiders perspective, it would appear that you alone make decisions; however, from those of us on the inside, it is even more apparent that you actually do not have any real abilities at all. It is unfortunate, that a man of your status and implicit importance, and at your age, that you would have to get up each morning and pray to Harper's Altar that you will continue to have a job at the end of the day. For this, I pity you - an emotion, I might add, that is far more appropriate for you than admiration.

Rosanne Dornan is about to undertake a commitment to her husband - or so she believes. What she does not realize, Sir, is that she is NOT making a commitment to her husband at all. Indeed not - her commitment surpasses even her love for her husband. She probably does not even know that she has undertaken a commitment for 700,000 Canadians and their families. Seven hundred thousand - wow - now isn't that an amazing number of people that one individual with love in her heart has the ability to care for, and someone like yourself does not even have the power to help ONE SINGLE PERSON. I apologize for those bold letters Sir; as of late, I often find it necessary to holler to be heard. Must have something to do with old age or loud Military noises or something. Damned if I can tell - and apparently neither can your Department.

Today Sir; I will be honoring one Canadian by writing you a letter. After all, we poor old ex-military souls don't often get to do anything exciting anymore, mainly due to the economy of course, and our inability to afford the most important of Canadian past-times: FUN...oh, I remember when I could afford FUN. I could run around the yard with my kids and have FUN - I could go stroll through the local mall with my family and have FUN; I could feel comfortable in a restaurant with my family eating dinner and have FUN; I remember how much FUN I had before my family decided I was no longer any FUN and left.......sorry Sir; you must excuse me. My PTSD sometimes causes my mind to wander, and I'm sure we were talking about the Dornan Clan here, and the HERO named Rosanne who suddenly showed up in my world today.

I will try to keep this letter short and to the point, however, I am an Irish Newfoundlander whose family are known for their ability to talk - and write. I am not sure if anyone has described you that way or not, but if so, then please provide me with some insight on that and we can compare family histories. Maybe chat on Face Book - and we can invite the Dornans' as well.

Actually, that is not a bad idea. Listen here, my facebook handle is tiltingsailor. Ow's about sending me an invite there me ole cock and we can have us a discussion on history, health care, parliamentarians, your inabilities - your know normal stuff.

Anyway, I digress again. Just in closing - and in case the rambling nature of this message escaped you; then please pay heed to the following.

Today, one person by the name of Rosanne Dornan is going to stand up for 700,000 Canadian Veterans. Now, I may not be able to take the square root of a pickle jar, but I sure as hell can figure out how to open it. Those numbers calculate into Votes - just how many I cannot tell, but if the average Nuclear family has 2.5 Children, then I will let you do the math come next election.

Jesus Sir; awareness is such a free and open concept - doesn't anyone in your office carry a tub of it for you to sniff each day?

enjoy supper ---I'm having crow

Sincerely, (and of course, with my deepest respect, Sir

Anthony John Dwyer, CD1, NATO, Gulf&Kuwait, ret'd

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