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Personal Care?

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Personal Care?

Post by DonnieD on Sun 09 Aug 2015, 15:27

So I have personal care and home care approved but didn't use them for about a year. Now I am in desperate need of personal care so I called VAC and had it re activated. But the problem is when I asked them if they can set up automatic payments like before they said it's only possible if I myself find a provider and that vac is not allowed to give me a list of providers because it is illegal (sounded like a lot of bs). Before VAC did all this and set it up but I thought maybe the policy changed and didn't argue. So I started searching and eventually found one that works with VAC using direct payments.
So the provider took my k# and called blue cross ready to setup the personal care and blue cross denied them saying that it is VAC that has to start the process with blue cross.

So now I am confused. How do I proceed. I plan on calling VAC tomorrow morning and talking to them, but does anyone have experience setting this up within the last couple months?

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