Opening claim after surgery in Europe. Complicated Problem.

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Opening claim after surgery in Europe. Complicated Problem.

Post by DonnieD on Sun 09 Aug 2015, 18:45

Apologies for the length but I need to tell the story.

So when I was released from the military 8 years ago 3b I submitted claims for all my conditions, 2 of the conditions got approved and the 3rd one my hip, which was actually my main injury didn't go through due to the stupid Canadian doctors that never could diagnose it. First I was getting no diagnosis in the military, just put on constant pain killers like oxycontin and then in civ the doctors started telling me that I should begin thinking this is a rare injury that will cause me permanent pain (after 8 years of failure on their part in diagnosis). I've went through 10 surgeons, had about 20 mri's and still the idiots couldn't diagnose me, hence i couldn't complete my claim.

So last year I had enough of the pain, with motivation from my family I traveled to Europe and within 4 months time I saw the 4 of the best doctors, even saw one of the main surgeons for one of the top soccer teams there and a surgeon which eventually would be my healer who ran the top hospital in europe. All had the same diagnosis. Snapping hip syndrome with a minor gluteus tear. I paid for all this with my dime, had 4 mri's etc to confirm my findings. The mri's weren't the diagnosis but the surgeons were and did a diagnosis when they opened me up. I begged for this method of diagnosis in Canada but nothing. So as i mentioned above I had the surgery, i paid for it myself, paid for physiotherapy and everything. Stayed in the hospital for 1 week etc. I took pictures of everything. I bought everything for the recovery, including a bed, rented an apartment etc. It was brutal but worth it because now the majority of my hip pain is gone, still some minor snapping but nothing i can't live with.

Then I came back to Canada and didn't tell anyone about this, I did slightly inquire about it at VAC with my CM and he just laughed. He said European doctors are a joke and to trust the Canadian ones with their non diagnosis. He really pissed me off, because the European doctors where wonderful and extremely knowledgeable. He said nothing can be done and I can't open a claim. I have been pissed off about the hip for 8 years and still to this day I have no clue if i should tell someone at the legion about it or not. Is it even worth doing? I am in Canada now and the doctors speak a different language so them filing out the form is close to impossible. Still if needed I might travel back to Europe and have them fill it out in their language (would be a brutal process and close to impossible) Any tips?


I do have a diagnosis translated to english that the surgeon that did my surgery wrote post surgery, but thats it. I have all hospital stay documents, receipts etc.

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Re: Opening claim after surgery in Europe. Complicated Problem.

Post by Trooper on Sun 09 Aug 2015, 18:58

The only thing I can think of is taking all of the med info from your doctors from Europe including diagnoses to a Canadian specialist , I know your faith in them is limited , but sooner or later you may just find one that backs what your doctors in Europe said , an that is what you need.
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Re: Opening claim after surgery in Europe. Complicated Problem.

Post by Guest on Mon 10 Aug 2015, 07:10

We all understand what your going through the doctors in Canada want to help as long as there is money in it for them. this means a vist to their office as many times as they can get you there that is the extent of their help more visits more money for them you were lucky to get mri's my doctor doesnt feel im worth it even though x-rays said diffrently have to find a new doctor.As soon as your diagnosed with ptsd then they assume everything is in your head and dont look at evidence anymore cronic pain and ptsd is the easyest diagnoses for them. Hey how about the specialest that can't speak english i love them fkers. what trooper said and the media if you get no results.


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Re: Opening claim after surgery in Europe. Complicated Problem.

Post by Sapper Zodiak on Mon 10 Aug 2015, 09:27

DonnieD...sorry about your trouble in getting a diagnosis. I think the human body is the same regardless of the borders we cross, thus medical evidence should suffice no matter where you are. When I submitted a claim many years back, my claim was denied because the doctors, in their wisdom, called it a "finding" as opposed to a "diagnosis". I appealed this decision based on the fact that whatever "it" was, it was effecting my body negatively. I tied it to an injury sustained while bridging, added contributing factors...and my finding was somehow made into a diagnosis. Luck? I don't know. I just have to say keep at it. Learn how to explain what you deal with to these all mighty doctors, and perhaps they will create a diagnosis for your ailment. Just don't quit. This plays directly into their hands at VAC!

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