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VVi looking for volunteers

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VVi looking for volunteers

Post by Admin on Mon 21 Dec 2015, 09:20

CSAT Forum Master. As most of you know, we lost our forum master for CSAT. I am looking for a volunteer, preferrably someone that has been with CSAT for a long time and has been active. Task includes governing the CSAT forum. Full admin access will be given.

Asst Publishers. I am looking for two vilunteer Asst publishers. Should have some knowledge of HTML and FTP procedures. Task will include assistance in searching for Cdn vet related news articles, issued govt msgs, other related docs that all and/or any vets would be interested in. VVi already has a long list of sources that we pull from. Postings will be to the News, Older News and Notices pages.

Asst Webmaster. Looking for a volunteer Asst Webmaster. Should know structure of websites, JavaScript, HTML 5 and earlier versions, WordPress. Task will include maintaining website in its current format, eventually migrating to a new WordPress format. Position could evolve into VVi Webmaster.

Asst DBA. Looking for a volunteer Asst DBA. Have knowledge on SQL Server and MySql databases and sites. Needs an understanding of WordPress sites as VVi migrates to sole WordPress format. Task will include posting articles of importance to the database, and maintaining database structure. Position could evolve into VVi DBA.

Contact for all of the above volunteer positions is myself, at Plse, insert VVi VOLUNTEER in the subject header of the email.


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