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Trudeau's bombing carries on Canada's 25-year war against Iraq

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Re: Trudeau's bombing carries on Canada's 25-year war against Iraq

Post by Teentitan on Wed 20 Jan 2016, 15:30

Rags great comment but there has been documented cases of DP causing death and non-hodgkins lymphoma. Some of these DP vets are also from Yugoslavia.

I think what raised the 'suspicion' with vets is the urine test the CF did. The member would collect their urine until they filled 3/4 water bottled size containers. It was then sent to a lab to be tested.

But here's where the suspicion factor was raised and why I did not bother to do it.

The test results were sent to Ottawa before they were sent to the vet/CF member.

I called and asked why Ottawa was the middle man between the lab and patient? Here's the most crazy answer I got,,,

"We will read them and explain the results for your doctor to explain to you."

So my doctor is to stupid to pick up the phone and call the lab for an explanation? Also last time I saw lab results there was a "description/explanation" box the lab uses to explain the results.

So as much as I appreciate, and agree on most, your opinion I just wanted to let others know why there is a suspicion of DP and not getting a real test without Ottawa, VAC, DND involved.

As for the chemical side of this war I have to go with the many specialists I have seen for my sarcoidosis. I had the top lung surgeon and head of the lung transplant department at the University of Toronto and his comment and thoughts is the best description I have ever heard...

"With all the immunization shots you had, the blood thiner shots, pills for speeding up the antropine shot if needed and massive doses of antibiotics I cannot explain why you are a multi-system sarcoid patient. The protocal of drugs you have been given to stop the spreading seemed to have only caused it to spread it to your bronchi, sinus system, and kidney very quickly.

The only way I could get a decent answer is to put you here in the hospital and let research doctors study you by taking blood, urine, hair, bone marrow, muscle tissue, removal of lymph nodes and a lot of spinal taps.

Even then with all these test results I can't guarentee the cause of what has happened. And quite honestly I don't know how long and how many tests the researchers would need to do."

So I took a pass on being a human pin cushion and lab rat. But we did discuss that when I pass away it would be fantastic to donate my corpse to be used as a source of research for sarcoidosis. Still thinking on that one.

In case people are wondering what sarcoidosis is it is an auto immune disease which causes your lymph nodes to pump out a lot of white blood cells latch onto living tissue in large amounts that end up killing the living tissue leaving a scar or dead spot on my lungs. To date I have lost both upper lobes of my lungs and have reduced the diameter of my bronchi (the main tube that carries your inhaling to the 4 lobes).

Sarcoidosis is a disease that is mainly found in black people and Scandanavians (I'm neither of these two) People who get it over 70% of the time do not know they have it as it heals itself.

To have it in more then one organ is around 5%. To have it in more then 2 organs is 3%. To have it in 3 organs is 2%. But for a white person to have it in 4 organs puts me in the less then 1%.

Long way of saying all the immunizations and exposure to oil well fires, oil molecules in the air, desert dust that had elevated DP mixed into it I'm the vet of the Gulf War VAC and especially the GoC ignore and wish I would just go away.

So with all the crap ALL CF members are exposed to on all deployments around the world I don't dismiss anything until there is a 100% explanation from a third party who has no skin in the game as a vet or bureaucrat.
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Re: Trudeau's bombing carries on Canada's 25-year war against Iraq

Post by Rags on Wed 20 Jan 2016, 14:19

Trooper I dont disagree with almost all of what you have said except for one issue DP is not a factor for Canadian war vets in the Gulf. One has to look else where for the cause of the toxic issues. The vaccination ( methliquin )  program use of Deet and other insecticides. Im no expert in that part but id be looking at insecticides and Methlaquin not DP. Read my DP comments in other threads, Im a bit of a subject matter expert on DP. Dont let my opposing view make you think I dont believe in DP poisoning just not that it was an issue to CF members in GW1. There are exceptions to all rules so if a person left base went on battle field where they did not belong and stick there head in a burned out tank then thats self inflicted and does not count......but Im sure that would be a rare occurrence. To all who have an interest in DP poisoning PM me I can tell you the detailed issues of it and who would have gotten it and how to test to prove you have it.
Remember DP is just that Depleted Uranium! DP has less issues then normal uranium rock that people mine in Canada. As the isotopes are removed from the rock leaving a dirt that has no uranium isotopes to affect people left in it. Hence its name DEPLETED uranium.

Read the thread I commented in on this subject Gulf War and Depleted Uranium about 2 years ago.


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Trudeau's bombing carries on Canada's 25-year war against Iraq

Post by Guest on Wed 20 Jan 2016, 13:15

" Canada's victims of the Gulf War "

" As much as Canada has refused to acknowledge the many victims of its foreign and military policy of the past 25 years -- rendering the Iraqi people invisible unless we need them for photo-ops -- they have equally refused to recognize the humanity of Gulf War One veterans who have returned to die slowly, painfully, and largely in silence. Canada does not keep statistics on Gulf War Syndrome (a horrific condition marked by exposure to depleted uranium, a whole slew of neurotoxic and biological warfare chemicals, and an over-the-top vaccination regime that followed no proper protocols). Among those vets suffering is former navy Lieutenant Louise Richard, who recalls being in touch with at least 400 veterans suffering symptoms similar to hers, a number of whom have since died.
A nurse and former triathlete who entered the war in top form, she returned a completely different person, as she testified in 2013:
"The Gulf War veterans and modern combat vets as a whole have been made to feel like toxic waste that has been disposed of and dumped…We are released from DND undiagnosed, misdiagnosed, or not diagnosed at all. We're left untreated. We're left on our own to find our own doctors, civilian doctors, specialists, therapists, psychiatrists. Canadian vets have been totally abandoned. Our symptoms, illnesses, and concerns have been minimized, belittled, ignored -- stress. As for the doctors and specialists we do find who are willing to take us on, VAC [Veterans Affairs Canada] has the nerve to challenge their diagnoses, their treatments, and their credentials. Veterans Affairs dictates to us how many treatments, and the distance we can travel on our claims. Policy always overrules the needs of the ill veteran."
Just as the seeds of violence Canada planted with the 1991 slaughter of Iraqis continue to yield horrific crops, so veterans like Louise Richard continue to suffer from a war-produced chemical brew that will occupy their own bodies in perpetuity. She is not allowed to give blood, and she shocked committee members when she challenged them thusly:
"This is in our blood supply. Depleted uranium, as we know, goes all over the body, to the organs. Does anyone here want an organ of mine if you're in a car crash tomorrow?"
Stunned MPs said no, but then proceeded on to other business. "


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Re: Trudeau's bombing carries on Canada's 25-year war against Iraq

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