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Benefit Differences Between Province's

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Benefit Differences Between Province's

Post by rigger/fitter on Thu 28 Jan 2016, 13:45

V.A.C in Canada is one thing,but when you have to live under their thumb in whatever province you choose,you get to see some huge differences in the way the provs govts hand out the V.A.C money.

Saskatchewan HAS to be the worst..........i:e.....mental health...Ontario gets 250-300 per hour ....SASK gets 160 per hour,......Universities student service pays 200 per hour.

The difference in MMJ regs is unreal and not really supported at all with  prov depts....give this a read....
A Veteran , in S.E SASK  has to beg publically on a gofundme page .

Legion is nothing but a civie grip and grin club out here ,so dont even bother to ask for help,they just dont care ,unless shamed into action.

Regulars RX changes are fought tooth and nail with denials and appeals

Medical travel is ALWAYS double trouble  and they keep adding red tape and paperwork is INSANE

V.A.C Regina will not allow a direct call,you will have to talk to the first client service rep you get,western district,who knows nothing about you

This is not a RANT,but my REALITY

so sick of them

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