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Motorcycle rally for veterans gets green light from Port Hope

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Re: Motorcycle rally for veterans gets green light from Port Hope

Post by Rags on Fri 22 Apr 2016, 13:54

Just another example of one pissed off Vet planning a good idea to avoid going to another vets good idea and make it look like he is not sticking it in the back of the other vet.

The National Memorial Ride Canadas only motorcycle event that is to recognize Canadas modern war dead goes off at Beechwood cemetery every first Sunday in June. The HHR Highway of Heros ride happens the day before and they (the organizers) ensure that there event does not affect the NMR ride the next day. But in order to not support this important event at Canadas War Dead memorial ride at Beechwood in Ottawa the organizer of the port hope (who id not part of HHR) ride is and he knows it taking riders away from the NMR which has been gong for 8 years.
 Too bad we cant get our shit together and stop eroding each others activities for our own benefit.

I would suggest that all bikers who want to truly show some support for the fallen and do a memorial ride they go to Ottawa not Port Hope and the the NMR. After all that is where our dead are buried...Port Hope? there is no memorial to the fallen there worth supporting over our actual burial ground at Beechwood. 


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Motorcycle rally for veterans gets green light from Port Hope

Post by Guest on Wed 16 Mar 2016, 17:51

PORT HOPE -- A motorcycle rally in support of veterans will ride into Port Hope after all.

Heroes Highway Ride and Rally, an annual ride of thousands of motorcycles to honour and support the nation’s heroes, past and present, had its desired date of June 4 approved by Port Hope council Tuesday night, March 15.

Council voted 6-1 in favour. Coun. Robert Polutnik opposed authorizing the event.

As a result, thousands of motorcycles will roar into Memorial Park this summer. Queen Street from Robertson Street to Walton Street and Augusta Street from Queen Street to Elias Street will be temporarily closed to traffic from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. to accommodate the event.

The event launched in June 2009 and has held various rallies across Southern Ontario at locations such as Oshawa and Trenton since then.

Port Hope council was previously split on whether to host the rally after its organizer, Lou DeVuono, made a presentation in early March at a committee of the whole meeting. At the time, council voted 4-3 in favour of seeing the event move forward to the planning stages. Coun. Terry Hickey, Coun. Louise Ferrie-Blecher and Coun. Polutnik were opposed at the time.

Coun. Hickey said he initially opposed the event because Mr. DeVuono could not provide enough information for council to make a thoughtful and knowledgeable decision.

“This is not an event we have done before,” Coun. Hickey said. “The staff report was woefully inadequate and presented no depth of investigation to provide council with a complete and proper analysis of the proposal.”

At that meeting, Mr. DeVuono was unable to answer a handful of important questions asked by council, such as how much the event would cost the municipality, considering Mr. DeVuono requested in-kind services, or how much money the group has donated to veteran charities in the past.

Councillors also brought attention to the fact the City of Oshawa slapped a $5,600 lawsuit against the rally’s organizers a few years ago for an unpaid bill from a rally in 2011. Ultimately, the City of Oshawa forgave the bill.

The rally is slated to depart from Trenton on June 4 at 11 a.m.


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