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Post by Teentitan on Fri 25 Mar 2016, 11:24

Well I guess the honeymoon is over eh Kent. LOL
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Post by Dannypaj on Fri 25 Mar 2016, 08:37

Darlene H
Darlene H I wish some people continually complaining on this site would just stop. Did you join the armed forces because you wanted to serve your country or because you expected your country and taxpayers to look after you for the rest of your lives? I grew up surrounded by veterans of WW2 in the neighbourhood, many who had serious, lifelong injuries and disabilities, and they sure did not expect this or complain that they weren't getting enough from the government.
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Al  You have no clue do you?
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Darlene H B
Darlene H Yes I do have a clue. I grew up with a whole neighbourhood of veterans, many just as injured as all of you and just as traumatized by their experiences in wartime. I watched my dad throughout my whole life and saw him in pain many times from his injury...See More
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Al H
Al H Sunny ways.
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Ray M
Ray M Darlene ... no growing up in a whole neighbourhood of veterans isn't the same as being one .... I am a 3rd generation veteran, most of those WWII vets self-medicated with alcohol and prescription drugs ... they were distant to their families for many y...See More
Al H work over 50 hrs a week.
But I know many that cannot work for a variety of reasons.
The severely wounded you never saw, as they were hidden away in DVA Hospitals. ...See More
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Linda N
Linda N Darlene Hill Bolyea Maybe if the Minister was a little more engaged...and upfront about things... posters would lay off a bit?

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Darlene H Bolyea R M Whatever, I grew up in a small town and knew many of these families very well. And did you miss the part where I said my dad was a veteran, injured in February 1945, less than a month after turning 20. I have no issue with those who are inj...See More

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Darlene Hill Bolyea
Darlene H Al H What difference does it

Dan Hurt

Dan Hurt What is your title in life Darlene? Mine is a medically released 3b sailor from the service. I am not a Veteran because I did not see any action nor would I wanted of, but $300 and some odd thousands, what a joke!
Darlene! It is never about the money,...

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Shane J

Shane J Darelene, I'm sooo sorry our struggles in receiving proper care for our injuries has disrupted your life so much, I am so sorry that our desire to move on with our lives is such a burden on you, maybe, when you get of your high horse, you can jump to the front of the recruiting line, you know, since all we do is complain. See Darlene it's people like Dan Hurt, and myself, who sign the dotted line, who put everything on hold so we can jump on a plane and go off to some god forsaken shit hole of a country, fight for our lives, somehow survive just to come home to fight our own GOC for benefits that we were promised,and then have to read the post of some stupid waste of sperm to spew their ignorance and opinion that we,injured soldiers are somehow looking for a free hand out, and the fact that you have "freedom of speech" to do so because of soldiers and vets, doesn't even enter your tiny little mind, have a nice day you idiot.

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Shane J

Shane J Darlene Hill Bolyea and for the record you fracking idiot, they were given land back then so they could provide, along with a pension and medical care, so you fool, they were taken care of before they had to crawl on their hands and knees and ask for help, why, because the GoC and Canadians were grateful for their sacrifices, today, idiots like you spew bs, which is the same approach the GoC takes therefore we have to fight for our rights, it's funny how when we fight as soldiers for your rights as Canadians it's a good thing, when we fight for our own rights, people like you call us babies or whiners instead of returning the favour of standing up for us in our time of need, selfish is what you are Darelene, a selfish pussy who won't do what we will,now carry on with your sad pathetic life

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Shane J
Shane J Hey Dan, I got screenshots of all her posts, let's show the people what she thinks, I'm gonna post them on all Veteran Advocate sites, that way when she goes to spew, they can kick her arse out
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