Wasaga Beach veteran wants to start local vet's association

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Wasaga Beach veteran wants to start local vet's association

Post by Trooper on Fri 06 May 2016, 10:21

A man who served in several NATO missions wants to start a veterans’ association in Wasaga Beach.

Doug Harrison served in Germany and Norway, as well as on UN peacekeeping missions in Egypt and Cyprus, and said the public’s understanding of who is a veteran is changing.

“The public focus for Canadians has been on veterans who have served in the world wars or Korea,” Harrison said. “As Canadians, we certainly are most grateful for the service and sacrifice of these older veterans and for their selfless commitment to the defence of Canada, and we owe them and their families a great deal for their dedication and commitment.”

However, he added, there is a new group of veterans who have served the country since the end of the Korean War who also deserve appropriate recognition.

That includes those who have served with NATO or on UN missions, as well as most recently, Afghanistan.

“Peacekeeping missions are usually fraught with danger; lives are lost and casualties occur,” he said.

One hundred and eighteen Canadian soldiers have died on UN peacekeeping missions, and 158 Canadians were killed in Afghanistan.

Harrison noted a number of veterans have moved to Wasaga Beach in recent years, though the town does not have its own branch of the Royal Canadian Legion. The Veterans of Wasaga Association would welcome those who serve or have served with the branches of the Canadian Forces, or those who served with Allied nations or the Merchant Marine during the Second World War.

Anyone interested in forming a local veterans’ organization is asked to call Harrison at 705-429-8909, or email wdougharrison@gmail.com.

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Re: Wasaga Beach veteran wants to start local vet's association

Post by 1993firebird on Fri 06 May 2016, 19:59

I lived in Wasaga Beach twice while posted to CFB Borden.

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Re: Wasaga Beach veteran wants to start local vet's association

Post by Rags on Sun 08 May 2016, 19:46

I did alot of drinking and biking in, on and under Wasaga Beach in the 70s, dont forget Saubo Beach Id do both in a long weekend. Great parties. I was up there last summer on my bike hanging out with high school friend. What is the status of the Legion in Owen Sound or the outlying areas like Wasaga? If Legion is strong why not join there and make changes from within so your concept for an association is reflected in the membership?

The legion like all things with military is taken over by the majority of people but not who it was originally intended for.

I will drop in to say hi on my bike this summer if ya get it going....if not then just for a beer!


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