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Canadian troops in Egypt send thanks to Marching for Veterans Campaign Muskoka

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Canadian troops in Egypt send thanks to Marching for Veterans Campaign Muskoka

Post by Guest on Sat 18 Jun 2016, 16:23

Canadian troops in Egypt send thanks to Marching for Veterans Campaign Muskoka.

The co-founder of Marching for Veterans Campaign Muskoka, a non-profit veterans’ support agency created in Huntsville, opened it to find a photo with the faces of 27 Canadians in the Multinational Force and Observers smiling at him from Sinai, Egypt. And they were holding a T-shirt from a Marching for Veterans care packages that had been filled by veterans and residents in Muskoka.

A letter accompanied the photo:

“The Padre at 8 Wing Trenton … sent all of us some of the great items the Marching for Veterans folks had collected,” wrote Chief Warrant Officer Steve Merry, the force sergeant major. “The items have been distributed to the soldiers, sailors and airmen and women here in the Sinai that are part of the Canadian contingent and they all send their gratitude and are truly humbled by the kindness and support.”

The Multinational Force and Observers is an independent organization established by the Arab Republic of Egypt and the State of Israel with peacekeeping responsibilities in the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt.

Marching for Veterans Campaign Muskoka volunteers filled the care packages in April. The packages included campaign T-shirts signed by residents and businesses owners as part of fund raising efforts. Unsigned T-shirts were also packed in the boxes so troops could sign their own and mail them back.

“We had the opportunity to Sign one of the T-shirts enclosed as you can see in the attached photo,” said Merry. “The other T-shirt that all of you signed will be displayed in our new Beaver Lodge, which is a kind of mess for the contingent once it gets built in our new location at our southern camp.”

But he lamented at the care package seemed to be missing the self-addressed, stamped envelop needed to return the T-shirt signed by the troops and he wanted to make sure it was returned to Muskoka. The information has since been provided and the T-shirt is expected to be on-route.

“It is a great morale boost for the all those here to enjoy a small bit of home and to see that we all have the support of so many great Canadians,” concluded Merry.

Thomas said the campaign was honoured to receive the letter and photograph.

“We have been told by the troops themselves that MVC is making a difference in their lives,” he said. “We are honored to be able to send a little bit of home to the troops serving overseas in theaters of war, semi-hostile environments and any number of other missions in over 30 countries globally.”

He said six T-shirts were signed and shipped overseas. Returned T-shirts will be displayed on a travelling wall that will be on display at campaign events.

“Actions are one thing and important, but seeing the names of many who contributed to the care packages, makes it all the more personal, for both the troops and the public involved,” he said.


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