Kent Hehr Drinking Game

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Kent Hehr Drinking Game

Post by LostTrucker on Sat 02 Jul 2016, 15:49

if you are looking for a good drinking game just watch one of Kent Hehr's inteviews or question periods and have a drink every time he said "Mandate" oh man you will be plastered in no time!!!.... Laughing
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Re: Kent Hehr Drinking Game

Post by Trooper on Sun 03 Jul 2016, 10:40

I agree one would be drunk playing that game.

The thing is repeating the same thing over and over again fits right into his profile.
He was given a mandate letter to fulfill, as long as he delegates this to his staff/bureaucrats, it's all good, like I said before it does not matter if the legislation brought forward relating to this mandate letter does not sit well with Veterans, all he needs to do is simply continue repeating the same thing over and over and he will be fine.
He is a rookie in terms of knowledge concerning the Veterans file, he will continue to pass down the writing of legislation to his staff and continue to repeat the same thing in his interviews and speeches.
That's really all he has to continue to do to make himself look like the MVA who has the best approach looking after Veterans and their families.

What has changed? Nothing!
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Re: Kent Hehr Drinking Game

Post by bigrex on Sun 03 Jul 2016, 15:10

I think that the only way Canada will ever truly improve is to abolish the political party system altogether. Have everyone runs as an independent, and elected on their own views and values, and not the views and values of some party leader, from the other end of the country. Then once all the members are voted in, they select from within, who would be the leader. That person would then be able to choose his cabinet ministers from the entire list of MPs, choosing the best person for the position, not just the best from the same party. That where there would be no misaligned loyalties. Each elected member would not owe anything to the PM, or a party leader, only to their constituents. Then when a bill is put forward by any member, it gets the proper unbiased review from everyone, and nothing would be passed that did not receive genuine support by the majority of members, and not because members were merely towing the party line.
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Re: Kent Hehr Drinking Game

Post by pinger on Mon 04 Jul 2016, 13:46

Yes LostTrucker,

"Mandate" or even "Committed" could beat caps...

Bigrex, what we have is good, but definitely in need of improvements.

Not to sway from drinking games.
But here's a simple simon backgrounder.
You know more about it than I do rex...

Bloody politics.
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