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MVA Hehr Vrs Gary Bettman

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Re: MVA Hehr Vrs Gary Bettman

Post by Guest on Fri 19 Aug 2016, 06:16

Excellent analogy Steelgunner, regarding the part where an MVA should be a Veteran I use to think in that same way but now I'm not so sure. The way I look at it now is regardless of what background an MVA holds educating themselves in depth on our file is the first thing needed followed by keeping the bureaucrats in check on what they bring forward. A good MVA should know in great detail what he or she passes down to the bureaucrats to work on for implementation. A good MVA should not be afraid to send things back to the bureaucrats for further work. A good MVA should focus on what is the priority for Veterans that Veterans themselves want and not allow the bureaucrats to take it upon themselves to set priorities OR run the show. Our MVA has good intentions regarding our file but he has taken the route of passing everything down without educating himself on the real priorities that reflects proactive outcomes. Once they took away the lifelong tax free pension from the old act, our file became a mess that just continues to grow into a bigger mess.
So in my opinion until we get someone who not only understands this, acts on it, makes it the number one priority, it really in my own opinion doesn't matter what background an MVA holds, the mess will continue and the file will continue to be in disarray.
Bandage fixes will be the way of the future which only makes for a short welcome from Veterans, it always comes back to the return of the tax free lifelong pension (PA) which no one GOVERNMENT seems to want to bring back.



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MVA Hehr Vrs Gary Bettman

Post by Ex Member on Thu 18 Aug 2016, 23:21

I am going to make a point with another well knowen person at the helm of an organization that he never played in or had dreams, goals to join the organization  or an opportunity to play in.  I am Talking about Gary  Bettman  who never learned or played hockey ever, but he is the Commissioner of the NHL. Do the players respect, no!  Do the players like him, no!   Can someone with an actually playing hockey career do a better job, I would think so.

So, we have MVA Hehr as our leader.  He was never a soldier, fired a gun?  Have the courage and take the oath to put his body in harms way or lay down his life.  Yes he is in a wheelchair, sorry you got shot.  But you can't relate to us, no idea how it's like to prove a injury from the military when in fact we sucked it up and went on in pain, and knew we would lose our present position that we worked  so hard for and not to mention letting down your buddies.

So we get out of the military 3B, and we thought we could trust the system.  No one asked me about a New Veterans Charter, it was just dumped on me.  So now, we have to prove our injuries they really don't always take what's written in our file for face value or what's not written down.  Mistakes are made in our paper work and at least for me I am then turned to a Vet that feels he is pleading or begging for what rightly is ours.  

My rant is widening and go off topic. (Sorry) My point is MVA Hehr is just like Gary Bettman in some ways.   A veteran is needed for that position of MVA  and not a high ranking general that does not  know what it's like to live on a cheque to cheque routine.

Please step aside MVA Hehr, I am tired of you BS and all you do is tell when this office and that office will be openned in the future.  They should have never been closed by The Harper Goverment.   Your looking for photo ops, and tricking the people of. Canada  into thinking you actual care about Vets.  Coming up to year now in the fall, just around the corner.  Promise made during election JT . (Make it happen).

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