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Life-changing program for veterans comes to P.E.I.

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Life-changing program for veterans comes to P.E.I.

Post by Guest on Wed 19 Oct 2016, 12:10

Life-changing program for veterans comes to P.E.I.

Veterans Transition Program on P.E.I. for the 1st time.

Oct 19, 2016

A retreat for veterans transitioning from military to civilian life will be held on P.E.I. this fall.

It is the first visit of the Veterans Transition Program to the Island.

The program started more than 15 years ago. It features small group sessions to help veterans dealing with stress and trauma. The sessions are led by a professional psychologist and a veteran.

Veteran Doug Allen took the program a few years ago, and will be on P.E.I. to help lead the session on the Island.

"Part of this is using the skills that we were taught, which is mission before self. But this time the mission is to help the partner beside us get through something he needs to get through," said Allen.

A life changing program

The program helps veterans to work together in ways they have learned previously to reach new goals, and reconnects those who feel disconnected after leaving the military.

"Once they've been released because of medical reasons, once that bond is broken, many go into isolation, many become alone. And that's what deteriorates them," said Allen.

Allen said the program changed his whole life by helping him say goodbye to the soldiers he'd lost in combat.

Six participants can take part in the retreat, which is free of charge.

It's being held over three weekends, from mid-November to mid-December.


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