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ELB Class Action Law Suit

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Post by jack22 on Tue 04 Jun 2013, 15:07

(sorry for my very basic english)

If you want to have an interesting up-date about where ELB RETRO stand in the mind of VAC go to the Standing CommitteeVeteransAffairs 21 may 2013. Does retro will happen? i realy don't know but for sure there is all kinds of people and organisations tink so and that... is very positive.

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Re: ELB Class Action Law Suit

Post by sailor964 on Fri 24 May 2013, 14:31

sounds promising.
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ELB Class Action Law Suit

Post by meteck on Fri 24 May 2013, 11:25

update as of 24 may...

my press info packet is completed..this scandal thing has the talk shows busy so im hoping next week perhaps to be on air..good news dept; talked to mike mcdonald at the ombudsmans office  and he saId their senior management team was told by the gvmnt authority that the situation was being worked on..thats better than no answer at all....right........anyways keep sending me your stories please,there are THOUSANDS OF US left who have not had the robbers put back our money so when i do speak publicly the more stories of how this is affecting us the

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Re: ELB Class Action Law Suit

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