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Veterans allowed too much pot, says former NDP MP Peter Stoffer

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Re: Veterans allowed too much pot, says former NDP MP Peter Stoffer

Post by 1sea0shell33 on Wed 26 Oct 2016, 13:42

I wonder if you'll get optimum points for the MM using your Shoppers optimum card?

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Shoppers Drug Mart applies to be a distributor of medical marijuana

Post by Guest on Wed 26 Oct 2016, 10:14

Shoppers Drug Mart applies to be a distributor of medical marijuana


This Feb. 13, 2013 file photo shows a marijuana bud at the grand opening of the Seattle location of the Northwest Cannabis Market, for sales of medical marijuana products. Shoppers Drug Mart says it has submitted an application to be a distributor of medical marijuana. THE CANADIAN PRESS/AP/Elaine Thompson

TORONTO - Shoppers Drug Mart has submitted an application to distribute medical marijuana — a move that, if permitted, could change how patients get access to the drug.

But although the pharmacy chain says allowing it to dispense cannabis would improve patient care, some industry players are voicing concerns that users could face higher prices and have access to fewer strains.

Federal regulations only allow registered patients to buy cannabis directly from licensed producers, who send the product to clients by mail.

That means that even if Shoppers Drug Mart's application is approved, Canada's largest pharmacy chain won't be permitted to sell medical marijuana through its stores unless Ottawa revises the rules.

Shoppers Drug Mart spokeswoman Tammy Smitham says the company is hopeful that the federal government will do so, arguing that it would improve "access, safety, quality and security" for patients.

Industry association Cannabis Canada says adding a middleman such as a pharmacy could provide some benefits — for example, medical marijuana users would be able to consult with their pharmacists face-to-face — but it may also come with some downsides.

Consumers may end up paying a higher price, says Colette Rivet, executive director of Cannabis Canada.

"There's a dispensing fee on all pharmaceuticals," Rivet said.

"At Shoppers Drug Mart they pay a certain price for the pills but then they add a dispensing fee to cover their administrative costs."

Another concern is that the variety of strains available on store shelves could be quite limited, Rivet said.

"That is critical for patients because they react differently to different strains," she said.

Mark Zekulin, president of licensed producer Canopy Growth Corp., said it would be vital that pharmacists are educated about the drug if they're going to sell it in stores.

"What if you show up at the pharmacy for assistance ... and they haven't been properly trained and they're not necessarily engaged in understanding the product? You end up ultimately with a disservice," Zekulin said.

The number of clients registered with Health Canada to use medical cannabis has grown. At the end of June there were 75,166 registered clients under the medical marijuana regime, according to the Health Canada's website.

That's up 40 per cent from the previous quarter, when there were 53,649 clients, and more triple the number from a year ago when only 23,930 people had registered to receive the drug.

Smitham said Shoppers, which is owned by Loblaw Companies Ltd. (TSX:L), has applied to Health Canada to become a licensed medical marijuana producer — but only for the purpose of distributing the drug.

The retailer has "no intention" of producing cannabis, she said, calling the application an administrative requirement in order to be able to distribute medical marijuana to patients.

The Canadian Pharmacists Association has said it is concerned about a lack of clinical oversight and that pharmacies should play a leading role in the distribution of medical marijuana.

When asked if they plan to follow Shoppers' lead, pharmacy chains Rexall and Jean Coutu said Monday that there are still a number of issues that still need to be resolved.

Rexall spokesman Derek Tupling said the company continues to monitor the situation, while Jean Coutu spokeswoman Helene Bisson said the issue "raises many questions" to which the various levels of government have yet to provide answers.

When asked about Shoppers Drug Mart's application, federal Health Minister Jane Philpott highlighted the "strict regulatory regime" in place for access to medical marijuana.

"There is an appropriate process by which people can become a licensed producer," Philpott said. "It's a rigorous process that I am not a part of ... they will work their way through the process."


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Re: Veterans allowed too much pot, says former NDP MP Peter Stoffer

Post by Teentitan on Tue 25 Oct 2016, 10:33

I fully believe in MM but 10 mg/day is too much. I have friends who have gone thru chemo and the most they smoked a day was maybe 5/6.

Don't get me wrong each person is different I understand that but if we want to see a repeat of the opioid problem where doctors started high dosages instead of the low and slow approach each person's body adapts and each person's will power is different.

I agree with the low and slow approach to all meds including MM.

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Re: Veterans allowed too much pot, says former NDP MP Peter Stoffer

Post by Guest on Tue 25 Oct 2016, 05:32

No kidding...I can just Imagine the backlash that came from what Peter stated in the article.

Taken out of context? Read the article.

These people including Kent need to stop interfering with the medical profession system.
If they have a problem with the cost, they should come out and say it, and stop mixing/messing things up for what is working for Veterans.


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Re: Veterans allowed too much pot, says former NDP MP Peter Stoffer

Post by 6608 on Tue 25 Oct 2016, 00:02

In relation to the article recently published by the CBC regarding Peter Stoffer:

First, Trauma Healing Centers would like to apologize for any distress this has caused veterans and their families. Mr.Stoffer's comments were taken out of context and it sounds like he is trying to advocate for VAC to make major changes to the amount of medical cannabis veterans can have reimbursed. This could not be further from the truth.

Please understand that we only want what is right for veterans(and civilians) in terms of accessing beneficial treatments. We are in no way advocating for slashing the current limits VAC covers. We feel this would be a severe injustice to veterans and their families and potentially life threatening in some cases. VAC is having trouble understanding the medical value of cannabis and we are trying to help VAC understand there is value and there is a right way and a wrong way for it to be prescribed.

We are strong advocates for proper medical oversight of patients who are being tried on medical cannabis. A start low approach and proper medical oversight will result in finding the lowest effective dose to control symptoms, whether that's 1 gram or 10 grams per day. Just like any other medication.

We are also trying to expose and overcome the social stigma that exists related to medical cannabis patients who are tagged "pot heads" and it's assumed there's a recreational motivation. Peter Stoffer and Trauma Healing Centers are big believers in the medical value of cannabis for certain conditions and we see the positive results in our clinics each and every day.

If cannabis is ever to be taken seriously as a medicine it needs to be thought of like any other medicine in the sense there are real benefits which need to be monitored and measured for the well being of everyone involved.

We want our current patients and potential patients to know there is a right way and wrong way to do this and Trauma Healing Centers is committed to a very medical approach. Proper assessment, prescribing and follow up to ensure treatment success is the only way cannabis can be legitimized as a medicine in the view of all nay sayers.

Trauma Healing Centers

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Re: Veterans allowed too much pot, says former NDP MP Peter Stoffer

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