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VAC lump sum strategy

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VAC lump sum strategy

Post by Ex Member on Sun 22 Jan 2017, 11:27

VAC Lump some strategy.

We all no now how messed up this lump sum payment from the NVC/VAC has messed up and changed the lives of Veterans for the worse.  Everyone with a bit of insight of what they went thru could you please comment on a positive or a type of strategy they used with VAC to get a positive out come or at least helped their decision.  My last post made me think of this in regards to wait times and what you could do help your file move along hopefully faster.  As I stated I called every month and even called a managers number and called that staff member a lot.  

As for a strategy, I did have a ace in the whole in regards to my last claim. I had a 5% to 10% claim that was bullet proof with a punctured ear drum.  When I l was released 3b and had already did a few claims they had asked me to put in this claim, I advised them I would do it later.  Well it is a shame that the lump sum payment program makes one think like this but it does. I knew at some point I would need some cash because of my situation.   Giving a lump sum when your injured and have mental health issues is not always the best situation, yes I paid my bills and bough a car, blew some away of course. So I wanted 6 years to put my final claim in, and I am actually glad I did.  Not sure if this would fit everyone's situation but I did it with sone sort of foresight, I should have shared this earlier.  But hopefully the PA will be brought back and we will not need to do things like this.

If anyone else has ideas or strategy of some sort share will the forum to help others in their claims.

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