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Request for Ministerial Review

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Request for Ministerial Review

Post by Rubicon on Sat 18 Mar 2017, 15:45

The Honourable Kent Hehr
Veterans Affairs Canada
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0P4

Minister, my name is XXXX XXXXXX and I am a 35 yr veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces. I have had both positive and negative experiences with Veterans Affairs Canada disability applications in the past. Today I received a My VAC Account secure e-mail advising me that two of my applications have been suspended. In fact I have had 3 applications in total suspended in the last month. One of these applications has been in the system for over a year and I am just now finding out that follow-up paperwork is missing. In all three cases this could have been prevented had I been engaged and allowed to make an office visit with my physician and neurologist with paperwork in hand but instead I was kept out of the loop and paperwork is now missing after a year when we should be at the decision level. It is this type of behaviour that I described to MP Neil Harris at his Veterans Affairs Town Hall meeting in Belleville last August when he was on a VAC fact finding mission on behalf of your office.

What I am requesting today is a Ministerial Level Review of all of my outstanding disability claims to include the withdrawn, suspended and Step 3 level claims. They do not meet the requirement of a National First Level Appeal because no decision has yet been rendered and my fear is they will never be actioned if I am to be kept out of the loop on their status. The "Track your Applications" section of the My VAC Account does not allow for that fidelity and it is only when you receive an e-mail stating that your application has been suspended do you know the true status and it is too late at that point. Additionally, I would like to know why my medical marijuana prescription renewal for 12 months dated 16 January 2017 has yet to be actioned by Veterans Affairs. To be clear, this is a renewal prescription and was and remains a 3 gram per day prescription for my chronic pain.

In closing, unless the veteran is engaged by VAC on a regular basis and throughout the application process I see no end to the mishandled files and backlog of applications. This is correctable and starts with a simple phone call from a Case Manager. Having to wait 24 to 48 hours for an e-mail to be answered or even longer for a telephone message to be answered is not a recipe for success.


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