Letter from Sisip

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Letter from Sisip

Post by 81A on Mon 15 May 2017, 18:07

I received a letter from Sisip today as follows:

A review is being undertaken to ensure claims are paid promptly, accurately and in accordance with Sisip standards. Sisip has requested Welch LLP Chartered Professional Accountants, to carry out an audit of services. Personal from Welch LLP will be reviewing a sampling of files and have selected your file as one to be reviewed.

The information contained in all Sisip files is deemed confidential to the client (yourself). In order for Welch LLP to have access to your file, for review purposes, we will require an authorization signed by you. I assure you that information which Welch LLP have access to will be treated in total confidence.

An authorization form is enclosed for your signature and a prepaid envelope for returning the form. As it is Welch LLP's intention to carry put this evaluation during the week of June 12th your prompt attention is appreciated.

Has anyone else received a letter like this? I have never heard of Sisip doing anything like this before. Do I even have to comply with this?

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Re: Letter from Sisip

Post by Trooper on Mon 15 May 2017, 19:42


They have done audits in the past, I read on other sites where others were getting that same letter.

They cannot share your file unless you give them permission by signing the authorization form, this tells me that the decision to allow the audit group access to your file is left up to you. So I guess it's a matter of personal preference, if your alright with giving them access, sign the consent form, if your not comfortable with it, don't sign. Unless the letter you received was sent registered, no one really knows if you received it. If it was sent registered, then you would have to reply stating that you won't sign the consent form.

That's my opinion.
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Re: Letter from Sisip

Post by Willie on Tue 16 May 2017, 20:41

Not to make any assumptions on this audit but what happens if there are over payments discovered during the audit? Would we be required to pay Sisip back? My sense is yes we would have to. On the reverse side, what happens if there are under payments discovered?

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