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Canadian Forces face serious problems

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Canadian Forces face serious problems

Post by Guest on Wed 12 Jul 2017, 12:31

Letter: Canadian Forces face serious problems

Wed Jul 12th, 2017

Canadian Forces face serious problems

A lot of my letters cover problems our Canadian Armed Forces and veterans must deal with, especially the politicisation of the military, which was the inevitable result of P.E. Trudeau’s 1968 unification of the Army, Navy and Air Force.

Those of us who served during those turbulent times, we write and report from the “heart.” By ‘68, I was halfway through my army career with two completed tours in Canada’s NATO brigade in West Germany.

Truth is usually the first casualty in times of war. What I write about is the truth. For a while, the Canadian Airborne Regiment was a good unit. What brought it down I believe were these (see below) several facts, situations and actions.

The permissive society, special status (ST) for Quebec, political correctness, special status for all immigrants and refugees getting off the boat. Soon after realizing that Quebec wanted ST, they wanted the same. Dress, deportment and discipline went out the window.

Worst of all situations: the poor quality of recruits recruited after 1968 permitted the “street trash,” which became evident with the Somalia affair. The Airborne Regiment was actually a victim, the C.O., senior officers and NCO’s that permitted the lack of discipline should have been punished, To destroy the entire unit was a travesty of justice

The Liberal Party of Canada was every bit responsible for the airborne situation. Yet the politicians got off scot-free, while the armed forces paid the political price.

Being honourably retired I will not allow the Liberal party to get away with their deception, sedition and high treason.

Ernie Slump, Canadian Army retired



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