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Are PTSD and Depression seperate claims ?

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Are PTSD and Depression seperate claims ?

Post by Artie Simm on Tue 27 Feb 2018, 12:14

back in 2006 I was diagnosed with PTSD, recently I opened up a MYVAC account , it had all my old information there. As I scrolled through I saw the original application (which I don't even remember filing) that said PTSD claim "verified/completed" but also Depression "denied/integrated into PTSD claim". I don't even know who did the initial filing for me, obviously at the time they felt I had PTSD and was Depressed. Since that time I was required to make a new appointment with a psychologist to update my PTSD claim, which he stated has gotten worse, not to air my dirty laundry here but on the front page of his report to VAC he wrote "..ongoing PTSD symptoms, in addition sever depression symptoms..." and when on to list his observations, my question is , can people suffer from PTSD and yet not be depressed? Can people suffer from Depression but not have PTSD? If you are said to have both are they not two different ailments? If so should I be able to claim each? I am oblivious to this whole process, I am literally in the dark to most things VAC has anyone been awarded a claim for strictly Depression ( service related of course).
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