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Is There A Reservist Who Has Applied For GCEA Benefits?

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Is There A Reservist Who Has Applied For GCEA Benefits?

Post by Teentitan on Tue 03 Apr 2012, 00:35

Is there an injured reserve member or does someone know an injured reserve member who has applied for the below compensation benefit? If you have, or know someone could he/she please post the how, who, and what has to be done to recieve this compensation? Also is the financial compensation fair, good, or bad in your opinion? If it is good could this benefit be classified better then the NVC? If the injured reserve member does not want to post the info could he/she please contact the CSAT Forum Master via private message? This info could be of great value to injured reservists.
Thank you
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RE: ** Reservists get short-changed

The Government Employees Compensation Act (GECA) provides benefits for all employees of the Federal Government except members of the Regular Force of the CF and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The objective of GECA is to provide compensation for loss of earnings, medical care, or other related benefits to federal employees, including CF reservists, who are injured in the course of their employment or become disabled by reason of an industrial disease due to the nature of the employment. GECA is administered through Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, in conjunction with provincial workers’ compensation programs. The benefits are provided at the same rate and under the same conditions as the provincial workers’ compensation laws. For federal employees working within the province of Quebec, GECA is administered through CSST.

GECA/CSST requests that the Reserve Force member’s Commanding Officer (the employer) initiate the claim under GECA/CSST. When the Commanding Officer is made aware of a reservist injured in the performance of duty, he or she is then required to complete the appropriate provincial Employer’s Report of Accidental Injury/Disease form and forward it to one of the regional offices of GECA/CSST.
Commanding Officers are advised in the instructions of Department of National Defence DND 2398 (the form to apply for injury compensation under

Compensation and Benefit Instruction CBI 210.72) that it is their responsibility to ensure that the injured or ill member has been provided with all the information required to make an informed decision with regard to the application under GECA/CSST.

As the benefits under GECA and the Reserve Force Compensation, paid under CBI 210.72, are interrelated and paid from federal sources, care must be exercised to ensure that members do not receive duplicate benefits for an injury or disability. In recent months, it has become apparent that the relationship between the administration of CSST and Reserve Force Compensation will require clarification, and the CF is actively engaged in pursuing this discussion.

I trust that the information I have provided is helpful, and thank you again for writing. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for your service in defense of Canada.

Peter MacKay
Minister of National Defence c.c. Office of the Prime Minister
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