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Information Withheld During Discharge

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Pension short time

Post by BinRat on Mon 30 Apr 2012, 21:25

Hey...feel the same..

Back in 93, I was medically released and according to there calculations I had 9 year's 201 day's, but found out, that earlier I had elected to buy/pay back for my reserve time B class and my 1 year "C" I had done, but looking at their calculations, they omitted some class "B" time cause the one was 89 day's and they said nope needs to be 90 day's...

Although ya read the article it's supposed to be 'B" class for day for day... but ya, they omitted to count alot of my class "B" day's and shorted me day's enough to get to the 10 year mark, as I said, they counted only 9 year's 201 day's,

And my release was posted in the yellow pages of releases before I was even told about it.. I found out a week or so before there posted release date..
My BsupO got me a 6 month extension, but if I knew then I was still gonna be short, I would of asked for another extension to get the remaining day's, but didn't ge the numbers until day or so before last day from release office...

So ya it sucked and I was ticked for the longest time, still am in a ya said, your's was 14 day's like come on, wake up, make an adjustment or whatever, I bet if you were 2 day's short, they still would of denied you a pension...

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Information Withheld During Discharge

Post by Teentitan on Mon 30 Apr 2012, 16:46

I joined the army as an apprentice 1959 and was medically discharged 1969. I had been advised that with rehab leave etc. all benefits would be forthcoming. Was I surprised when I found out that I was discharged 14 days short of my 10 yr. pension.I have been angry from then until 2 months ago when I finaly told myself get your head straight. I've given up on getting the pension or anything else but must say this is a DND issue and not veteran affairs. How many others have been treated this way?
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