Priority Hiring job

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Priority Hiring job

Post by grosgig on Fri 10 Aug 2012, 13:11

Just want to know if some lucky members has been ever called for a job in the priority hiring job in federal administration.

i have been medically kick off the army in 2003 ( at this time there was the universality of service, so they can throw you out of service more quickly than a snap of fingers). I have been on sisip 2 years. I haved took administration course (working behind a desk was the only thing i can do ). At the end of the course, after 2 years, my doctor and me decided that i can work but with some restrictions. So i give my name to be on the list of priority job in federal public service, we were in 2005. You are on the priority list for 2 years, so i told myself that i will find a good job, and they will accepted my restrictions. the 2 years has passed and the only call i haved received from them was job replacement for summer vacancy. WOW. I made research on this program, we are the last priority on the priority list, we pass after a lot of people. Lucky me, i was working (my own account) for my provincial government (Québec) since the end of my course, waiting the call for the priority hiring job for the federal.

I quit working on my own account in 2009 because it was not making too much money. this is another story. finally i decided to be security guard in 2009 until now ( i quit the job). I'm waiting for 3 future opérations, so i put myself on VAC rehabilitation program. My question, has anybody has find a job on those programs ?

I know that WE veteran has a lot of restriction for working. But if those programs does not work for us, and private company have difficulty to deal with our restriction, we have to take jobs that often are not good for us ( bad backs, artificial members, PTSD, stress...) and thoses jobs killed us more than they help us.

I think, i have several good working years to give, but i think there is a lack on this program (priority hiring list), it's good to have nice program on paper, but did they work on the real life ? They pay us course, but no job at the end.

I don't know if this subject will inerest someone, but we have to wait the end of negociation of sisip clawback, i think it's a good thing to discuss another subject and maybe fight to be REAL PRIORITY for federal jobs.


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Re: Priority Hiring job

Post by Guest on Fri 10 Aug 2012, 16:32

With all the federal government jobs being cut i doubt any of those jobs will come available. Also i had to change my cpp disabiloity and called service canada and had to wait 60 minutes on the phone, no word of a lie, i never had to wait that long for vac so i dont know how this new service canada thing will work for us vets
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Re: Priority Hiring job

Post by Brasidas on Sun 12 Aug 2012, 14:22

I would like to hear some stories on the VAC Vocational rehabilitation program myself. The program seems to be quite ineffective from my experience.

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