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Application for PIA and PIA supplement

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Re: Application for PIA and PIA supplement

Post by Teentitan on Thu 13 Sep 2012, 15:16

Your CM should have the TPI form to send to you to fill out. I am currently applying for TPI as well and I'm going on 4/5 months now. But I have a medical assessment holding up my application.

I have been told the application for TPI should take no longer then 16 weeks.

So like every other application with VAC you roll the dice on a time line for your application.

So call your CM back and get that person involved with your application. They are trained and if they have a problem there is a "help network" CM's have created to help each other.

I'm not trying to discourage people from doing the paperwork themselves but everything eventually ends up on your CM's desk. So include them so they are familiar with your case and most importantly YOU.

Hope this helps Puddle's
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Re: Application for PIA and PIA supplement

Post by BinRat on Thu 13 Sep 2012, 14:00

The Vac TPI form you may be looking for is this one VAC 671E1 (Medical Questionnaire: Determining Total and Permanent Incapacity)

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Application for PIA and PIA supplement

Post by Ex Member on Thu 13 Sep 2012, 12:59


filled out the PIA form letter VAC608A and sent it in,

I havent worked since 2001,
released in 2004,
have a CF medical pension,
CPP(D), and
VAC at 92% (paid 90%, as they only pay in 3% increments), and
am still considered TPI thru SISIP and soon to be a reactivated/un-archived zero sum client (once the settlement is finished, 8 yrs and counting),
and do not recieve ELB (applied for and denied in 2006, because it included my VAC amount)

 My question is fm my discussion with my VAC rep on my current application for the PIA and PIA supplement,
I am an active re-hab client, but am not on their books as recieving SISIP (yet to be resolved).

VAC has never looked at (been informed enough) me or offered the PIA.

As a Pension Act recipient I am not at 98% or higher so i did not qualify for the EIA (as of yet) and did not draw their attention.

  A person is only allowed either the EIA or PIA but not both, I figured on waiting for the EIA (non taxable) but have decided with taking counsel from this site, that the PIA is more to my benefit.

 I have been told that i must be first deemed (after more than a decade of unemployment) to be VAC's version of TPI, under a document I cannot find online.

 This may be the first time that my VAC representatives has had to deal with such an application, but more information for myself would be beneficial.

Any advise, a timeline to expect it to take, or information would be helpful.

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Re: Application for PIA and PIA supplement

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