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Mackay, Harper's Hatchet Man Who Is Criticizing Military Ombudsman And OSISS Managers

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Re: Mackay, Harper's Hatchet Man Who Is Criticizing Military Ombudsman And OSISS Managers

Post by Teentitan on Wed 26 Sep 2012, 11:32

Whisky do you know if part of that $11 million for PTSD announced last week available for the OSISS? One would think that this group would get a slice of that pie?

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Mackay, Harper's Hatchet Man Who Is Criticizing Military Ombudsman And OSISS Managers

Post by Whisky45 on Wed 26 Sep 2012, 09:39

I know some of the managers who they are talking about. Like any manager have sometimes  to make a hard decision because its the peers with OSI’s who are in the middle of this dispute The peers under the charge of the Peer Support Coordinators ARE PRIOITY ONE  because it is they that have reached out for help AND ARE IN THE CHARGE OF THE PEER SUPPORT COORDINATORS.

In every organization you will have this kind of occurrence some are legitimate some are not. As far as I am concerned this hard decisions that had to be made was for the sake of the peers struggling with OSIs.

I walked away at a great chance to be the Peer Support Coordinator for Kingston because I really wanted to be part of OSISS as a PSC  but I was not ready and I would not have lasted because of the reality that this job would be to much for me and would make my PTSD worse and as a result it would have been the struggling peers that really would have suffered needlessly because of no support.

I tried to work at Canadian Tire as an experiment and did not last a week working at the parts counter. This comment from Mackay is nothing more as far as I am concerned to discredit the good people running the OSISS program. All concerned have an OSI and how did it affect the managers trying to keep the OSISS program running especially since the wonderful Harper Government adgenda to cut budgets have cut Peer Support Coordinator jobs Trenton and Petawawa being prime examples.

What does this mean more responsibility for the PSC that remain to cover the positions that have been cut by the irresponsible Harper Government all because Harper’s priority is filling the government coffers with cut budget money. I know for a fact that the PCS in Kingston now has to cover Kingston and Trenton and is doing two jobs. This PSC has an OSI like all the remaining PSC’s and how is it affecting this individual. How long will the Kingston PSC be able to do the jobs of two PSCs while dealing with an OSI????

Mackay is a hypocrite and is just making things worse for the OSISS program and the end result the PEERS WHO NEED HELP ARE IN THE MIDDLE OF IT ALL. The Harper government does not see people he only sees money, monetary projections a true soulless bean counter and Mackay is nothing more than his hatchet man.

When you have this kind of situation and it happens in all federal departments and I bet even in the Ministry of Defence I am sure, individuals that are not happy with a managers  for example whose priority is the well being of the Peers play the harassment card.

I ask a good question were these individuals not ready to deal with the daunting task of helping the continually growing numbers of injured soldiers and some RCMP and Police Services officers  (like what  I realistically  concluded)  who have come forward for help from OSISS?

All managers face this kind of situations. As far as Mackay warning the Military Ombudsman to not advocate for the soldiers, it reminds me of Colonel Retired Pat Stogran who took a stand and in fact advocated for the disabled vets being screwed by the VRAB and VAC. Its sounds to me that the Military Ombudsman has come to the same conclusion as Col. Retired Pat Stogran when he was the VAC Ombudsman. I am a trained volunteer for the OSISS program since 2006 here in Kingston.
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