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"official" answer to my ELB question

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Re: "official" answer to my ELB question

Post by Guest on Tue 16 Oct 2012, 16:07

vetwife great news at least that will be sorted out soon.


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"official" answer to my ELB question

Post by VetWife on Tue 16 Oct 2012, 15:55

I wrote and asked for yes or no if ELB would kick in since he's eligible but had too much VAC to actually get a payment, this is the answer I got so if anyone else is in the same boat....

Thank you for using My VAC Account and our secure email services.

Our records indicate that you are eligible for the Earnings Loss
Benefit but are not currently receiving a monthly payment due
to the level of income you are receiving from the Disability
Pension and other sources. We will soon be contacting you to
obtain updated income information. This will allow us to determine
if you are eligible to begin receiving an Earning Loss Benefit

You will be advised if you qualify for an Earning Loss Payment
once we receive your up-to-date information and complete a review
of your file.

Please note that all decisions regarding EL should be made by
the end of November 2012.

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